Why I Have To Stop Thinking With My Vagina, And Begin Using My Mind

Recently, I became doing just a little self-reflection, considering a few of the men Ive dated in past times and my perpetually taste that is awful.

After some idea (and lots of wine), I made the decision there have been two denominators that are common my exes: They all dated me personally, in addition they had been all certifiably insane.

Ive for ages been exactly about a good cock.

Yeah, it was said by me. Provide a lady a dick that is good and shell log off for the others of her life. Is the fact that not the way the saying goes? No? Anybody? *crickets*

Up to recently, i’ve given zero f*cks in regards to the guy attached to the cock. If a man I became hooking up with could provide me personally orgasms that are multiple it absolutely was all i possibly could think of.