The Industrial Spend Machine; Are Cannabis Companies Trashing Viable Goods?

The way the concentrated purification and selection of THC by cannabis companies is disposing of sellable byproducts and foregoing profit that is potential.

Can you increase your plants that are own? Not only Cannabis, any flowers?

Should you, you could be aware that exactly what grows and that which you eat aren’t equivalent.

Think about carrots: you consume the part that is orange dispose off the green. But, this really is a error; the greens are 100% edible (though a tad bitter).

Also, if you were to chop from the top of the carrot and put it in a plate of water in the windowsill, the greens will regrow.

Being mindful of this, it is easy to understand how exactly we are wasting effortlessly consumable byproducts. The same task is occurring into the cannabis industry. (more…)