The Whys and How-tos for Group composing in All Content Areas

Using the Writing Process for Communication and Collaboration

For Educators

Instructors in every discipline should think about assigning a collaborative writing project, such as for instance a bunch essay or paper. Listed below are three practical reasons why you should intend to make use of a writing that is collaborative with pupils in grades 7-12.

Factor # 1: In preparing students become college and job prepared, it’s important to offer contact with a process that is collaborative. The skill of collaboration and interaction is amongst the twenty-first Century techniques embedded in academic content criteria. Real-world writing is normally finished in the type of group writing—an undergraduate university team task, a written report for a small business, or a publication for a institution that is non-profit. Collaborative writing can lead to more a few ideas or solutions for finishing an activity.

Factor # 2: Collaborative writing leads to less services and products for an instructor to evaluate. Each, the end product will be 10 papers or projects to grade as opposed to 30 papers or projects to grade if there are 30 students in a class, and the teacher organizes collaborative writing groups of three students.

Factor # 3: Research supports collaborative writing. Based on Vygostsky’s concept of ZPD (zone of proximal development), whenever pupils assist others, there clearly was a chance for many learners to function at a degree somewhat above their typical ability, as co-operating with other people whom know a tad bit more can boost accomplishment.

The Collaborative Writing Process

The essential apparent distinction between an individual writing project and a collaborative or group writing project is in the assigning of duties: who can compose exactly exactly exactly what?

In accordance with P21’s Framework for 21st Century training, pupils doing collaborative writing may also be exercising the twenty-first Century abilities of interacting plainly if they’re because of the chance to: