The key Life of the Real NFL Wife

Writer of Silent Cry

Regular host on Daystar Tv Network’s Joni’s Dining Dining Table Talk

Practice Administrator for the ongoing medical care company

Bible research frontrunner

Helps from the advisory board regarding the lifetime of the Single Mom Ministries

Did with Jack and Jill of America, SASO (Scholars & Athletes Serving other people), and Presbyterian Homeless Shelter night

Children: Nathaniel Newton III (Tre), Nate King Newton

Raised near brand New Orleans as you of six kids, Dorothy Newton ended up being in the middle of poverty and abuse as she spent my youth. She decided she never ever desired to live that life. Dorothy became the very first in her family members to attend university. She received an athletic scholarship and had been academically effective during her college years. Dorothy had additionally developed within the church, now that she was at university, she led a ministry. After graduating, she landed in Dallas, where she came across and dropped deeply in love with NFL player, Nate Newton. Her intends to stay a virgin until wedding changed, and quickly she had been expecting.


Dorothy and Nate hitched, and unexpectedly her goals of getting a much better life and home than she had during her more youthful years arrived real. She choose to go from poverty to your pinnacle of success. She had been married up to a handsome, effective, famous professional athlete, who had been a three time Super Bowl Champion and six time Pro-Bowler when it comes to Dallas Cowboys.

However, eventually the partnership switched abusive. Nate had been usually violent and argumentative. She discovered she was in the world that is same lived in growing up- the entire world she thought she had escaped. “Whenever he had been upset, he abused me,” Dorothy stated. “Then he would apologize and want to ‘make things appropriate.’ I am aware it seems crazy, but I seriously thought we deserved the abusive therapy as punishment for my sins.”Dorothy held her anguish secret. She ended up being threatened, actually abused, and constantly putting up with. She felt trapped. She stated, I was the only one, and that no one else could possibly be going through all this“ I thought. No one was thought by me would trust in me. Through the outside searching in, to the majority of people, I’d all of it. I did son’t would you like to destroy their job, I did son’t like to broadcast their sin. We watched just exactly how culture prefers the celebrity life style. We saw just how people ignored occasions when bad things occurred. I happened to be additionally afraid of just exactly what would occur to me if We told. Exactly just just What would he do in order to me personally. I had been threatened times that are many i ought ton’t say anything.” The abuse got so incredibly bad that Dorothy told Nate she desired a divorce or separation, then went to her buddies home and offered her a letter for authorities in the event she passed away. That Nate pointed a gun between her eyes, shifted it and shot past her head, shattering the dining room window evening. That Dorothy left Nate and began to rebuild her life night. She never strayed from Christ once again.


In this written guide Dorothy shares her experiences of discomfort, recovery, and hope. She thinks faith in Christ might help those people who are mistreated overcome their recover and situation. Dorothy says, “My goal just isn’t to reveal juicy information regarding an athlete that is famous but to shine a light on domestic physical physical physical violence in hopes of assisting others escape it in order to find healthier and significant lives on the other hand.”

She also shares just just just how individuals can really help other individuals who are vicitimized by punishment. She claims you are able to encourage and build the individual up and pray in practical ways like helping them build a safety plan, and helping them build a financial plan for them, but also help them.