The two main reasons for inclination towards Korinplex ply by builders, furniture makers, and interior decorators are that, it’s water resistant to great extent, and also it has a shine and smooth finish, which looks great. Normallyplywood does not offer these two, and there Korinplex offers awesome looks and protection frommoisture when used for interior decoration and furniture for internal use.

Korinplex ply is actually a much higher quality ply, which is made by hard pressing a water proof film on one side of the ply, such that the ply retards moisture absorption and water based damage. Togetherwith that the ply is builtsturdy too by chemical treatment and hard pressing of sheets inside, thereby making it a long lasting material for making of any such furniture or designing any such surface, which needs a shining smooth finish and also protection from moisture. It works great in environments where moisture content is high or surfaces get exposed to water.

Other great features you enjoy with Korinplex is good durability, tough structure, smooth shiny finish, clean cuts, resistance to termites and marine organisms, and resistance to heat and light based damages.Just ensure you get the best quality ply from the supplier to give your work the best finish.

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